Commercial Applications
Boilers & Water Heaters

Tired of worrying about exhaust, combustion air supply and heat recovery in the boiler room? Did you know your boilers and water heaters can save up to 10% fuel and increase capacity with a demand-controlled venting system?

Even with the most difficult designs these intelligent, demand-controlled exhaust systems deliver perfect draft at all times by constantly adjusting exhaust, combustion air and heat recovery based on real-time demand. You get unprecedented results for your commercial boilers and water heaters, with very little effort:

  • Reduced CO2 emissions, fuel saving up to 5-10% annually
  • Materials & labor savings with combined chimneys & smaller diameters
  • Smaller footprint; saves around $15,000 worth of space in a 20-story building
  • Ability to hide chimney terminations & large air louvers
  • Redundancy for critical installations
  • Improved boiler room safety with CO monitoring
  • A perfect fit for any building design


Ensure a precise ratio of fuel to air for proper combustion - in a safe and sustainable way. Our high-efficiency exhaust solutions use fully modulating technology to optimize the appliance's exhaust rate and emissions, even when you have narrow draft ranges or multiple heating appliances exhausting through a common chimney.

Combustion Air Supply

Deliver the exact amount of combustion air needed for mechanical rooms, such as those in commercial laundry rooms – or anywhere the demand for applications is varied and difficult to manage. ENERVEX's Modulating Combustion Air Supply System senses when no appliances are running and operates at a very low speed, maintaining a neutral pressure in the boiler room at any time.

Heat Recovery

Get the greatest cost savings, heat waste recovery, design flexibility, and sustainability within the fastest payback period. ENERVEX's compact, modular-design heat recovery solution can reduce fuel requirements by 5% to 10% and pay for itself in less than two years. The system integrates seamlessly with our demand-controlled mechanical draft systems to completely stabilize efficiency while ensuring proper/constant draft for the appliance.

Popular Systems For This Application

Chimney Automation Systems (Inline)

A line of incredibly easy-to-use, inline chimney draft control systems for multiple boilers, water heaters and other applications where there is sidewall ventilation or difficult stack design challenges.

Chimney Automation System (Termination)

A demand-controlled mechanical draft system that conveys combustion products from commercial heating equipment or boiler rooms to the exterior of the building.

Modulating Overdraft Damper System

A damper-based demand-controlled ventilation system that monitors and regulates draft automatically to significantly increase the efficiency of commercial heating appliances.

Modulating Combustion Air System

A compact, demand-controlled combustion air supply system that improves efficiency and safety by actively controlling the supply of combustion air to commercial boilers and heating appliances.

Ultimate Venting System

The industry's only truly integrated, modular chimney venting solution for boilers, water heaters and kitchen exhaust - with a UL system listing.