Commercial Applications

Boilers & Water Heaters

Energy and Emission Reducing Exhaust Solutions

Decarbonization is here and boiler and water heater systems are being scrutinized to ensure they operate as efficiently as possible, since CO2 emission is directly proportional to the amount of fuel used. Better control of the combustion process along with waste heat recovery is in focus. New technologies continue to emerge while existing ones are being improved for performance and cost reduction.

Even with the most difficult designs ENERVEX's intelligent, demand-controlled exhaust systems deliver perfect draft at all times by constantly adjusting exhaust, combustion air and heat recovery based on real-time demand. You get unprecedented results for your commercial boilers and water heaters, with very little effort:

  • Reduced CO2 emissions, fuel saving of 5-10% annually
  • Materials & labor savings with combined chimneys & smaller diameters
  • Ability to hide chimney terminations & large air louvers
  • Redundancy for critical installations
  • Improved boiler room safety with CO monitoring

How Much Can I Save?

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Popular Systems For This Application

CASV Chimney Automation System (Inline) with power venter, modulating pressure controller, and MSC motor controller
Chimney Automation Systems (Inline)

A line of incredibly easy-to-use, inline chimney draft control systems for multiple boilers, water heaters and other applications where there is sidewall ventilation or difficult stack design challenges.

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Waste Heat Recovery System

The WHRS, Waste Heat Recovery System outperforms traditional heat recovery solutions in virtually all areas including in energy savings and carbon reduction.

UVS Ultimate Venting System with chimney, mechanical draft fan, waste heat recovery, and controllers
Ultimate Venting System

The industry's only truly integrated, modular chimney venting solution for boilers, water heaters and kitchen exhaust - with a UL system listing.

MODS Modulating Overdraft Damper System with modulating damper and fan control, over pressure switch
Modulating Overdraft Damper System

A damper-based demand-controlled ventilation system that monitors and regulates draft automatically to significantly increase the efficiency of commercial heating appliances.

MCASx Modulating Combustion Air System X with box fan, modulating pressure controller and fan control
Modulating Combustion Air System X

The MCASx is a compact, demand-controlled combustion air supply system that improves efficiency and safety by actively controlling the supply of combustion air to commercial boilers and heating appliances as well as processing equipment.

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Plume Abatement System

A highly versatile and efficient system with flue gas economizer, heated dilution air, modulating power venter and complete control package. It cools the exhaust and removes the moisture, while decreasing the dew point.