Commercial Products
Draft Control
Draft and Pressure. Under Complete Control.

No other mechanical draft and pressure control solutions offer a more straightforward installation and greater adaptability to changing conditions. 

ENERVEX commercial controls give you precise and safe control of your commercial exhaust and ventilation processes, including protection against:

  • Erratic draft or pressure
  • Inconsistent or uncontrolled supply make-up air / combustion air
  • Un-controlled flow rates in a vent
  • Mechanical or electrical failures

All of our controllers are built to integrate seamlessly with our mechanical draft fans and ventilators. This modular approach reduces risk and guesswork during the design process, and delivers flexibility to add what you need, when you need it. Safe, efficient, easy to install, and easy to maintain.

EBC 31

A sophisticated multi-use draft and pressure controller with integrated webserver and remote access used with fans and dampers to monitor and maintain a constant pressure in commercial boiler and building applications.

EBC 35

A sophisticated multi-use draft and pressure controller and CO-monitor with integrated webserver and remote access used with fans and dampers to monitor and maintain a constant pressure in commercial boiler and building applications.

EBC 30

A safe, efficient, easy set-up draft and pressure control solution built for boilers, water heaters, dryer venting or ventilation systems, and mechanical rooms.

EBC 24

A safe, efficient, easy set-up draft control solution built for boilers, water heaters, and mechanical rooms. Integrated Modbus protocol.

MEC 24

A modulating pressure control that provides superior pressure control in single- or multi-story building applications such as clothes dryers, bathrooms and kitchens.


A flexible, multi-appliance relay control panel that is used to interlock up to 4 appliances. Requires an EBC control..


A totally integrated heat recovery control system that monitors inlet and outlet water and flue gas temperatures to maintain the outlet water temperature you need, while maximizing heat waste recovery and efficiency.


A full featured, industrial-type motor controller programmed specifically to control and adjust the speed of ENERVEX fans and ventilators using Electronically Commutated (EC) Motors or Induction Motors. 


A commercial Motor Speed Controller pre-programmed specifically to control the speed of fans and ventilators using 3-phase voltage.


A simple fan and damper control for gas- and oil-fired boilers and water heaters that maintains a set fan speed where modulation is not required. 


A fixed set-point differential pressure switch that protects your heating appliances against insufficient draft and unsafe draft conditions during a mechanical or electrical failure.


Provides superior over-pressure draft protection for a boiler.


An external pressure transducer for monitoring draft in a chimney or pressure in a duct.

BDC 26

The Redundancy Controller is used when an option to operate a redundant mechanical draft system is required. It allows the safeties to be bypassed in case of an EBC 30/31/35 failure.