Commercial Applications

Industrial & Processing

Venting design is difficult enough. But when your baking ovens or industrial processes require high temperatures, constant exhaust rate, and spot-on pressure control – things get very tricky. Bulk industrial and manufacturing processes - such as baking ovens, consumer goods, food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and textiles - sometimes need highly consistent venting conditions. It's the only way to deliver repeatable quality during formulation and packaging.

ENERVEX has simplified some of the world’s most demanding industrial,processing and baking oven applications by integrating all aspects and considerations of the project, including:

  • Exhaust and heat recovery for commercial baking ovens
  • Exhaust from semi conductor processing
  • Exhaust from bottle extrusion
  • Exhaust from engine & generator testing facility
  • Exhaust and heat recovery from breweries

Our components work together seamlessly to deliver reliable venting for highly challenging manufacturing processes such as exhaust from extrusion of plastic bottles, exhaust from processing of micro-chips, exhaust from booths for engine and generator testing, and much more.

Examples of successful installations include Masdar Institute for Science and Technology (Masdar City, UAE), Cypress Semi-Conductor (several locations), and Ball Plastic (several locations).

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Popular Products For This Application

VHX Economizer Single Row—flue gas economizer
Economizer - Single Row

A versatile and efficient single-row flue gas economizer for applications with tight space. Can help you conserve energy and save 10+% on fuel annually.

PowerStack Chimney & Grease Duct System—conveys gases, particles, fumes, smoke, grease, and products of combustion
Chimney & Grease Duct System

PowerStack is a "Universal Venting System". It is a state-of-the-art, multi-application single or twin-walled exhaust product designed to convey gases, particles, fumes, smoke, grease and products of combustion.

RSV Chimney Fan – mechanical draft fan used to vent boilers and water heaters
Chimney Fan

High-temperature mechanical draft fan designed for termination mounting. For vertical or horizontal installation. Used with condensing or non-condensing heating appliances.

TDF Power Venter—rugged high-temperature exhaust fan
Power Venter

Ruggedly built high-temperature exhaust fan designed for inline mounting or termination mounting for small and large applications. For vertical or horizontal installation indoors or outdoors.