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Plume Abatement
Plume Abatement from any Boiler

ENERVEX offers a full line of fully integrated plume abatement systems for commercial and industrial exhaust systems for boilers, ovens and other applications. We provide truly one-stop designs from boiler outlet to chimney termination.

Vapor plume abatement is an important issue as boilers and water heaters have become more efficient. Exhaust flue gas temperatures have decreased, with the byproduct of the lower flue gas temperature being a higher dew point. As the warm moist air exits the exhaust duct, the water vapor condenses as it is cooled by the ambient air, creating a visible plume.

Plume abatement can be important for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Safety
  • Damage Limitation
  • Design Flexibility
  • Water Conservation

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A highly versatile and efficient system with flue gas economizer, heated dilution air, modulating power venter and complete control package. It cools the exhaust and removes the moisture, while decreasing the dew point.