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3310 W. Main St. in Houston Case Study
Fireplace design case study with Earthcore - Isokern Fireplaces. The teams spun up a 35-ft. linear fireplace with high-efficiency chimney fans and draft control for this mixed-use commercial property in Houston, TX
Best Draft Control: Manual Dampers in Multiple Boiler Systems
There is much confusion surrounding the use of manual dampers in natural draft and mechanical draft applications. Some believe they are not allowed by code, a misconception stemming from years of evolving codes and subjective interpretation of those codes. In fact, when used to control draft in a boiler exhaust systems--even in many applications with multiple boilers--manual dampers are up to code and quite effective.
Blue Mountain Case Study with Acucraft
Custom chimney fans and damper controls were provided by ENERVEX as part of a stunning custom gas fireplace solution with Acucraft and Serfass Construction. The two new custom gas fireplaces at Blue Mountain generate increased revenue opportunities year-round for the ski resort's restaurant.
Demand Controlled Ventilation
Demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) has a significant history of use in multi-story, multi-family buildings. This paper reviews the application of DCV in new, retrofit and renovated building projects, and discusses the significant benefits associated with such practices – in particular, for high-performance ventilation, energy savings and comfort.
Detroit District's Little Caesars Arena Case Study
Detroit's new sports and entertainment complex needed to common vent six commercial condensing appliances through a large parking garage. Reps at Mechanical Resource Group and ENERVEX Michigan teamed up to design a listed, fully integrated commercial venting and draft control system.
Georgetown Brewing Co. Case Study
Rapid success and growth led the Brewery to search for an energy-saving solution that would add boiler capacity during the performance of periodic cleaning of their brewing equipment.
Newark Housing Authority Case Study
The ENERVEX VHX Economizer solution, completed with Constellation Energy, UEP and Miller & Chitty, will save NHA $35,000 annually. The larger energy conservation program will save $80M over 15 years and recover 607,926 more BTUs per hour for NHA, with zero upfront capital and payback guaranteed by the contractor.
Old Parkland Case Study
Multi-story fireplace case study with Earthcore/Isokern Fireplaces at Old Parkland, a 114-year-old building transformed into 500,000 sq. ft. of corporate office space in Dallas, TX. The retrofit Multi-story Building Exhaust System incorporates controls for eight fireplaces on multiple floors.
The Star - Dallas Cowboys Training HQ Case Study
“The Star” — an impressive 91-acre campus that hosts the world training headquarters for the Dallas Cowboys in Frisco, TX, teamed with ENERVEX, AES and Texas Air Systems DFW to design and install a highly efficient chimney exhaust solution. The design, which common vents all boilers and water heaters to the outside, uses three chimney exhaust systems in three different sizes and six exhaust fans for systems and intake air supply.
University of Southern CA Case Study
Case study with Ventenergy: custom fireplace design with vertical-flame effect graces The University Of Southern California (USC). Ventenergy, along with Tudor-Saliba and A.C. Martin, designed and installed the fireplace system with ENERVEX chimney fan and fan controls to bring beauty, safety, efficient draft control, and combustion air supply to USC's Ronald Tutor Campus Center.
Village Center Inn Ski Resort Case Study
Mult-story custom fireplace and fan case study with Earthcore/Isokern Fireplace at the Village Center Inn Ski Resort in Jackson Hole, WY. A new luxury multi-story condo and hotel needed six custom fireplaces with high quality chimney fans.
Why Are So Many Listed Chimneys Leaking?
This may surprise you, but most chimneys on the market are leaking. Fact. Even if your chimney is listed (UL, Intertek etc.), there’s a very good chance that it is leaking not only condensation but also dangerous flue gases where people live and breathe every day. If the joint/sealant product was listed and recommended by the manufacturer, why is this happening? And what can you do to prevent it?
Why Electronically Commutated (EC) Motors?
EC technology is the future of sustainable energy consumption in pump and HVAC applications. In this paper you will learn the benefits of EC motors, ‘what is an EC motor?’, how they work, how they are different from traditional induction  motors, and some tips for making the switch.