Established in 1990, ENERVEX is based in Alpharetta, Georgia and operates in a number of countries with emphasis on the US, Canada, Central American and the Middle East.

The company's global business is 70 percent commercial (offices, healthcare, education, sports facilities, multi-family and mixed-use buildings, hotels and resorts) and 30 percent residential.

Since the invention of the chimney fan, ENERVEX continues to bring innovative draft control and mechanical draft solutions to market:

  • Modulating mechanical draft systems (1991)
  • Modulating combustion air supply systems (1995)
  • True inline mechanical draft fans (2006)
  • Fan-powered flue gas economizers (2011)
  • Inline flue gas economizer with modular heat exchanger systems (2013)
  • Ultra-energy efficient, permanent-magnet motors – standard in most products (2015)
  • Single universal chimney systems listed for virtually all venting applications (2015)
  • High-temp, pressure & leak-resistant graphite gaskets for sealing fan/chimney joints (2015)
  • ONLY supplier with a 6-Month Performance Guarantee (ALWAYS)

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