Commercial Applications

Restaurant Hoods & Pizza Ovens

Ventilation is by far the most crucial factor in the design and operation of commercial restaurant kitchens, hoods and pizza ovens. Without proper kitchen exhaust and a good supply of clean makeup air, the kitchen will not operate efficiently. And, you could face dangerous health hazards or costly code violations.

Restaurant exhaust is more than just having a hood: 

  • Capture, contain & remove vapor, smoke, odor & grease from cooking operations
  • Remove excess hot air that is uncomfortable
  • Eliminate the risk of CO poisoning & smoke spillage
  • Remove products of combustion from gas- & oil-fired appliances
  • Avoid health hazards or code violations from fumes
  • Maintain a quiet & aesthetically pleasing kitchen

The kitchen exhaust fan, stack discharge, and replacement air must work together to deliver the most efficient, safe commercial cooking operation. These needs can vary greatly – depending what’s being cooked, the structure of the cooking area, the type of equipment you’re using, local code regulations and other factors. The building’s heat source might also play in, depending on your location.

ENERVEX's expert engineers can help you determine the kitchen ventilation solution that’s right for your unique restaurant hood or pizza oven application.

Popular Products For This Application

GSV Pizza Oven Fan—high-temperature exhaust fan for gas or wood-fired ovens
Pizza Oven Fan

High-temperature exhaust fan specifically designed for use with commercial pizza ovens. Also used with residential bistro-style pizza ovens. For vertical or horizontal termination installation.

GSV Grease Fan—high-temperature grease extraction fan used for adequate airflow in grease duct systems
Grease Fan

High-temperature grease extraction fan used with kitchen hoods serving grills, wood-fired pits and other extreme applications. For vertical or horizontal termination installation.

PowerStack Chimney & Grease Duct System—conveys gases, particles, fumes, smoke, grease, and products of combustion
Chimney & Grease Duct System

PowerStack is a "Universal Venting System". It is a state-of-the-art, multi-application single or twin-walled exhaust product designed to convey gases, particles, fumes, smoke, grease and products of combustion.