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Grease Fan

Commercial cooking equipment that produces smoke- or grease-laden vapors must have sufficient mechanical and structural integrity, resiliency and stability. 

This includes hoods, ducts, fans/air movement, fire suppression systems, and special grease collection equipment. These components must operate properly, and be easily accessible for cleaning and inspections.

Only ENERVEX’s GSV Grease Fan is designed to support high exhaust temperatures at a high discharge velocity – reducing fire risk to operators, occupants and property while providing no-worries code compliance under NFPA 96 codes and standards. This easy-to-install grease fan provides adequate airflow in grease duct systems..


  • Not restricted to any type of grease duct
  • Installation at duct termination point; vertical or side-wall mounted
  • Heavy cast-aluminum, corrosion-resistant fan housing can be opened for easy cleaning/service
  • Centrifugal impeller in cast aluminum
  • Direct-drive, variable-speed motor - Class H insulated 
  • Approved for temperatures up to 575°F (300°C)
  • Maintenance-free, permanently lubricated motor with sealed ball bearings


Capacities 400-4,000 CFM (0-6,800 m3/h)
Material Cast Aluminum Housing and Impeller
Drive Backward-curved Impeller
Motor Variable Speed, TEFC, Class H
Max. Temp 575°F (300°C)
Warranty 2-Year Factory Warranty
10-Year Warranty Against Corrosion Perforation
Listings UL 705 Standard for Power Ventilators
UL 705 Standard Supplement SC (formerly UL 762) for Power Roof Ventilators for Restaurant Exhaust Appliances
ULC S645-93, Standard for Power Roof Ventilators and Commercial and Institutional Kitchen Exhaust Systems

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GSV Grease Fan—high-temperature grease extraction fan used for adequate airflow in grease duct systems
MSC EDrive Motor Controller—controls the speed of fans and ventilators
MSC Motor Controller

A full featured, industrial-type motor controller programmed specifically to control and adjust the speed of ENERVEX fans and ventilators using Electronically Commutated (EC) Motors or Induction Motors. 

PowerStack Chimney & Grease Duct System—conveys gases, particles, fumes, smoke, grease, and products of combustion
Chimney & Grease Duct System

PowerStack is a "Universal Venting System". It is a state-of-the-art, multi-application single or twin-walled exhaust product designed to convey gases, particles, fumes, smoke, grease and products of combustion.

RCF Roof Curb—self-flashing type of roof curb and cap designed for use with GSV and EFV models on flat roofs
Roof Curb

The RCF is a self-flashing type of roof curb and cap designed for use with GSV and EFV models on flat roofs.