5 Reasons Factory-Built Grease Ducts Are Better May 19th, 2017

At NAFEM 2017, we met a lot of engineers and contractors who regret using a field-fabricated grease duct to address their restaurant and kitchen hood venting problems. The idea was to save money, but in the long run, this is rarely the case. The reality is, factory-built grease ducts have clear benefits over field-fabricated products in nearly every area. Here are five game-changing advantages of factory-built grease ducts for your restaurant kitchen hood exhaust.

Powering Dallas Cowboys' New Combustion Air Supply System May 18th, 2017

ENERVEX, AES and Texas Air Systems provided a high-efficiency chimney exhaust and combustion air supply system to common-vent multiple boilers in a tricky application at The Star, home of the Dallas Cowboys in Frisco, TX. See how we did it.

Two Custom Gas Fireplace Beauties Grace PA Ski Resort Apr 17th, 2017

Looking for a beautiful custom gas fireplace with superior chimney fans and controls for your hotel or resort? Check out these two new beauties we recently completed with Acucraft Fireplace Systems and Serfass Construction at Blue Mountain Resort in Palmerton, PA. ENERVEX provided high-efficiency chimney fans and damper controls for two custom gas fireplaces - including an indoor/outdoor glassed-in fireplace and a gorgeous 3-sided open peninsula, each delivering up to 100,000 BTUs.

Fans of Our Fans and Chimney Systems at HPBE Apr 10th, 2017

People who work with us for residential fans, chimney systems and venting products stay with us for a very long time. Why? These three videos from the HPBExpo in Atlanta say it all. If you or a customer has fireplace smoke in the chimney or other flue problems, listen to these words from Mason-Lite, Alpine Stove and Fireplace, and AES. Then call us.

CO2 Tragedy: Check Your Hotel Pool Heater Now Apr 5th, 2017

Our hearts go out to the family who lost their 13-year-old son this past weekend in a hotel carbon monoxide leak tragedy. The Michigan hotel's indoor pool heater broke, leaving seven middle schoolers (11 total poisoned) unconscious on the pool deck. Hotel carbon monoxide leaks cause loss of life, evacuation, hotel closure and revenue loss. As your hotel or resort moves into high season, check your systems. Now.

Let’s Play a Game About Commercial Chimney Fans! Mar 22nd, 2017

There I was. At the ISH Show last week in Frankfurt. And there was another company's "NEW" chimney fan, which had a striking resemblance to our TDF chimney fan. That's because it was! Our design, sitting right there on their table! So here we have a side-by-side comparison of the two chimney fans for you to decide. Did they really make something "NEW"? Or did they Raab our design? Come along. Let's play.

A CFO-Pleasing Story About Economizer Solutions Mar 7th, 2017

Did you know that over a 20-year period, 96 percent of the cost of operating a boiler system comes from fuel costs, and 10 to 20 percent of energy input is lost in the form of heat escaping to the atmosphere? How much waste heat are you losing? And how much could your company save with an economizer and heat exchanger solution? Learn how economizers work, the benefits of economizers, and how the VHX economizer solution saved the NHA $35,000 annually, with no upfront cost and guaranteed payback.

National Danish Performance Team Dazzles Athens Feb 23rd, 2017

Enervex, along with Dante Stephensen and the Scandinavian Festival, is proud to sponsor the National Danish Performance Team. They brought their world tour "IMANI" to Athens, GA this past Tuesday and dazzled nearly 350 people in attendance! These 28 young men and women travel the world at their own expense to carry out their dream of inspiring healthier living in kids. If you missed it, catch the FREE encore in Atlanta this Saturday, Feb. 25.

18 Questions To Ask When Selecting Exhaust Fans Feb 1st, 2017

Of the fan manufacturers that use permanent magnet motors in their fans, most are using Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) motors. Surprising? ENERVEX uses a BLDC (brushless) permanent-magnet motor because it has clear advantages. If you are evaluating exhaust fans, here are 18 questions that will help you understand the benefits of BLDC motors vs. the AC induction motors being marketed widely - plus everything else you ever wanted to know about the different fan motor types.

Commercial Venting Solutions Year-End Wrap Up Dec 16th, 2016

As we wrap up 2016, several changes are expected to impact the success of your commercial venting projects in coming years. Engineers and contractors must be hyper-aware of the long-term economics of their projects, now more than ever. Here are some investments we made this year to support this, plus highlights from some of our best commercial venting solutions of 2016.

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