New 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit Promotes Waste Heat Recovery Technology Jan 27th, 2021

Congress Promotes Waste Heat Recovery With 26% a Federal Investment Tax Credit After years of lobbying, the waste heat to power industry achieved a very important milestone through a national waste…

Variable Length or Adjustable Length - What's the Difference? Dec 3rd, 2020

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Terms often used in chimney design are "variable length", "adjustable length" and "expansion length". But - what's the difference and when do you use what? This post explains it all.

Grease Duct - How the EPS Stands Out Nov 19th, 2020

This webinar will cover Enervex’s revolutionary PowerStack as a grease duct option. We will show how the EPS line differentiates itself from its competitors and provides the perfect solution for the transport of grease laden air. We will cover specifications, submittals, and WISP.

AMCA Ratings 101 - What are they and how do you use them to your advantage? Oct 29th, 2020

With ENERVEX’s recent large investment in having all our fans AMCA tested and rated, we are now the first and only boiler/water heater exhaust fan manufacturer with the AMCA label. This webinar will illustrate how we can use these ratings to our advantage and lock out the competition. We will discuss how the fans were tested and to what standards and why this needs to

Boiler Plume Abatement Demonstration Oct 21st, 2020

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ENERVEX has just released a video that shows how we eliminate the design guesswork, support runaround, and limitations of a traditional, "pieced-together" plume abatement system.

The ENERVEX Plume Abatement System (PAS) is the industry's only integrated plume abatement solution for boilers and water heaters.

New! Updated Engineering Presentation Sep 24th, 2020

ENERVEX continues to lead the industry in the original design of powerhouse mechanical draft products that deliver consistent savings, ease of installation and performance. Our fan-based and damper-based systems cover a wide variety of applications to meet today’s demanding commercial exhaust challenges: Inadequate or excessing draft, tall chimneys, challenging chimney design seasonal demands, code problems and much more. Our innovative demand-controlled systems solve these market challenges and drive measurable advantages. Please join us as we discuss why it’s imperative to look at a mechanical draft system at the forefront of design. We’ll cover common code violations, proper combustion, and sizing pitfalls.

Sales Training - Heat Transfer Sep 24th, 2020

The “Heat Transfer Products” sales training will provide the attendee the necessary skills to design, apply, and sell the ENERVEX VHX heat recovery systems. This session will cover the combustion process of a heating appliance and how this affects heat recovery, heat recovery options provided by ENERVEX, applications and case studies, and using VHX systems for heat recovery.

Sales Training Sep 23rd, 2020

The “Advanced” sales training will provide the attendee the necessary skills to design heating appliance exhaust systems, combustion air systems, and multistory exhaust systems. This session will also extend the training in WISP, fan laws, and UL standards and listings. We will also provide training on sales strategy for selling our systems to engineers, contractors, and end users. This seminar is geared towards outside sales personnel who have completed the “Basic” sales training and ENERVEX representative’s outside sales personnel with prior experience selling ENERVEX products looking for a refresher on new products and technologies.

Sales Training Sep 22nd, 2020

The “Basic” sales training will introduce the fundamentals of who we are, the systems we use, and why we use them. We will also provide an introduction to WISP, our proprietary design and quoting software, and will instruct attendees on how to use the program. This seminar is geared towards new ENERVEX representatives, new inside/outside sales personnel, and any inside sales personnel looking for a refresher on new products and systems.

New Employee – Young Han Aug 10th, 2020

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We are excited to announce Young Han has rejoined our team as the Director of Engineering and R&D as of September 1.

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