Residential Products

No other residential draft control solutions offer a more straightforward installation and greater adaptability to changing conditions.

ENERVEX gives you precise and safe control of your fireplace or stove, including protection against:

  • Spillage from fireplace opening
  • Erratic draft
  • Erratic flame pattern
  • Mechanical or electrical failures

All of our controllers are built to integrate seamlessly with our chimney fans. This modular approach reduces risk and guesswork during the design process, and delivers flexibility to add what you need, when you need it. Safe, efficient, easy to install, and easy to maintain.

ADC150 Modulating Fan & Damper Controller—monitors and maintains a constant draft in a chimney

A Modulating Fan & Damper Control used with gas fireplaces where it monitors and maintains a constant draft in a chimney.

ADC100 Fan and Damper Control—controls draft in a fireplace where modulation is not required

This Fan and Damper Control is used to control draft in a fireplace where modulation is not required. It controls the speed of the fan to maintain proper pressure in the chimney. 

PDS Proven Draft Switch—safely shuts down heating appliances during a fan failure

Protect against insufficient draft and unsafe draft conditions caused by mechanical or electrical failure.

EFC 211 Solid Fuel Fan Controller—uses a control box and a speed control unit to monitor chimney fan operation
EFC 211

The EFC 211 Fan Control monitors and maintains proper draft in solid-fuel fired heating appliances by monitoring the speed of a chimney fan.

Xzense Smart Remote Control for Chimney Fans—get full control and a perfect flame pattern

With an Xzense control (in conjunction with an exodraft chimney fan system), you obtain full control of your fireplace and maximum comfort.  (coming soon)

Xzense Makes Sense