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PDS Proven Draft Switch

Protect against insufficient draft and unsafe draft conditions caused by mechanical or electrical failure.

The Proven Draft Switch (PDS) is a fixed set-point differential pressure switch that integrates seamlessly with ENERVEX Mechanical Draft Systems to safely shut down heating appliances during a fan failure.

Used with gas- or oil-fired appliances, the PDS pressure switch can be interlocked with the gas supply valve or safety or control circuit of your appliance. The differential pressure acts via diaphragm against the force of setting spring on the microswitch.


  • Reliable pressure monitoring
  • Suitable for air, flue & exhaust gases
  • Operates without any auxiliary power


Diaphragm Material NBR (Silicone)
Max Load 3 Amps @ 120 VAC
Range of Operation 0.05 50 0.5 inWC (13 to 135 Pa)
Temperature Limits -40°F to +190°F (-40°C to +88°C)
Max Pressure 3 PSI (207 mBar)
Wiring Connection 1/4" Solderless Quick Connect Terminals
Pressure Connections 2 plastic tubes, 1/4" (6 mm) outside diameter
Weight 9.6 oz (0.275 kg)
Insulation Class NEMA 1 (IP 20)
Warranty 2-Year Factory Warranty
Listing Certification UL Standard
PDS Proven Draft Switch—safely shuts down heating appliances during a fan failure
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