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PU-0009 EBC 24 and MEC 24 XTP Sensor Upgrade! Dec 14th, 2023

xtp sensor upgrade

As of February 1st, 2024, all EBC 24 and MEC 24 Modulating Fan Controls will include and ship with a bi-directional XTP sensor as standard. It will no longer just be an option.

PU-0008 Wiring and Connection Diagrams Now Available May 5th, 2023

Wiring and Connection Diagrams

In our ongoing effort to update submittal documentation, we have updated and made the following standardized wiring and connection diagrams available...

PU-0001: New Fiber Mats for RS and RSV Chimney Fans Jan 16th, 2020

Old versus the new fiber mat used for fan installation

The mineral wool mats (with aluminum foil on one side) used for RS, RSHT and some RSV products are being discontinued by the manufacturer. This forces us to change to a similar product BUT without the aluminum foil.

PU-0002 New ADC 100 Device Quick Reference Guide Jan 16th, 2020

example of the ADC 100 Fan Control Quick reference guide

We have just released our first Quick Reference Guide - a quick guide on how to set up and operate the ADC 100 Fan & Damper Control.

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