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MEC 24
Modulating Pressure Control (multi-story)

A simple modulating fan control designed to control and maintain common duct pressure for single- and mult-story clothes dryers, kitchens and bathrooms. This is achieved by modulating the speed of models EFV, or BEFx.

The MEC24 is typically used to control the pressure in duct systems serving clothes dryers, bathrooms, kitchen hoods and other building venting applications.

The control has an integrated safety system that assures the appliance shuts down in the event of fan and/or control failure.


  • 0-10VAC and 120VAC control capability
  • Integrated safety system
  • Multiple appliance interlock capability
  • Fast reaction times (max. 20 seconds)
  • Highly stable control signal, assuring accurate fan operation


Power Supply 1 x 120VAC
Amperage 6.3A
Control Mode Continuous or Intermittent
Control Signals 0-10 VAC (for VFD) and 120/240 VAC (for direct connect)
Range Of Operation +1.00 to -1.00 inWC / 0-150 Pa
Tolerance 0.01 inW (3 Pa) +/- 10%
Output 10-120VAC / 0-10VDC
Control Relays (6) Max 120VAC/8A
EMC Standard Emission: EN50 081-1, Immunity: EN50 081-2
Warrantee 2 Years
Listing Certification NEMA 3R
ANSI/UL 60947-1 & 60947-4-1 Switches, Industrial Control

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MEC 24 Modulating Pressure Control—simple modulating fan control for multi-story applications
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