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Chimney Automation Systems (Inline)
Perfect Draft. Guaranteed.

If you want your commercial boilers and water heaters powered by a mechanical draft system inside the the boiler room, ENERVEX has you covered.

Available in small, medium and large formats, ENERVEX's Inline Chimney Automation System (CASI) is a great option for buildings that are tall, that feature sidewall venting, or where the power venter must be installed inside the building. It is a state-of-the-art demand-controlled exhaust system designed for commercial boilers and heaters which optimizes any heating appliance’s efficiency by actively controlling draft. Its high temperature variable-speed draft fan and motor controls regulate draft by modulating the fan.

  • Demand-controlled exhaust system conveys combustion products from a wide range of equipment under negative, positive, or neutral pressure.
  • Great option where the mechanical draft system must be installed inside a building.
  • Eliminates the Uncertainty Of Chimney Performance
  • Ensures Code Compliance
  • Eliminates Limitations On Boiler Location And Sizing
  • Can Control Termination Conditions (Plume/Velocity/Dryness)
  • Interlocks With Boilers Ensure Maximum Safety At All Times
  • Maintains Precise And Repeatable Draft for Optimal Boiler Operation
  • Can Control Residence Time And Potential Flue Condensation
  • Vent Design Can Be Tailored To The Project
  • "One-type-fits-all’ chimney automation system can be combined with an Economizer, Over-draft Damper or Combustion Air Supply System to deliver a perfectly controlled heating system.
  • Increases boiler output in modular systems
  • Reduces fuel cost by improving appliance efficiency
  • Reduces emissions
  • Saves on overall project costs
  • Reduces chimney size
  • Can provide substantial space savings
  • Brings most non-compliant venting installations into code compliance

Depending on the system size, the CASI system consists of an IPVB or TDF Power Venter and the EBC31, Modulating Fan Control. The EBC31 maintains a constant draft for the heating appliances by modulating the speed of the Power Venter. An MSC EDrive Motor Speed Controller is also part of the system when IPVB is equipped with a 1HP motor or larger. The MSC is always a part of a system utilizing the TDF Power Venter, which uses EC motors.

Each appliance is interlocked with the EBC 31. A call for heat activates the power venter and releases the burner once an adequate, pre-set draft is established. The sequence is repeated every time a new heating appliance calls for heat. When an appliance shuts down, the chimney fan will slow down while still maintaining the draft setting. When the last appliance shuts down the chimney fan will operate in post-purge mode for a preset time period.

The integrated proven draft function will shut down the entire system in case of a power failure to the chimney fan or the MSC Motor Speed Controller or mechanical failure. During a following call for heat, the Operating Priority function will detect if one or more appliances can be operated safely and with proper draft. If so, the appliance(s) will be able to operate without fan operation. After two (2) hours, fan operation is checked and if present, the control will go back to normal operation. Otherwise, it will continue to operate in Operating Priority mode. The self-check is repeated every two (2) hours infinitely. During a period without fan operation, the control is in alarm mode.

If the chimney fan has been out of commission for seven (7) days, the Bearing Cycle Activation function will operate the fan at a low speed for a short time. This is automatically repeated every seven (7) days, if the fan has not been operating.

Any errors detected during operation are shown on the digital display screen.

CASV Chimney Automation System (Inline) with power venter, modulating pressure controller, and MSC motor controller
IPVB-EC Inline Power Venter—for undersized chimney systems with draft problems
Inline Power Venter

A mid-range high-temperature mechanical draft fan designed for inline mounting. For vertical or horizontal installation. Used with condensing or non-condensing heating appliances.

EBC 31 Modulating Pressure Controller—multi-use draft and pressure controller with integrated web server and remote access
Modulating Pressure Controller

A sophisticated multi-use draft and pressure controller with integrated webserver and remote access used with fans and dampers to monitor and maintain a constant pressure in commercial boiler and building applications.

MSC EDrive Motor Controller—controls the speed of fans and ventilators
MSC Motor Controller

A full featured, industrial-type motor controller programmed specifically to control and adjust the speed of ENERVEX fans and ventilators using Electronically Commutated (EC) Motors or Induction Motors.