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Waste Heat Recovery System
Waste Heat. Recovered. Emissions. Cut.

The WHRS, Waste Heat Recovery System outperforms traditional heat recovery solutions in virtually all areas including in energy savings and carbon reduction.

Designed around a fan-powered flue gas economizer (heat exchanger) with integrated by-pass and modulating pressure control, the WHRS system is extremely versatile. It can serve multiple heat-sources simultaneously - a number of boilers, an oven with several heating zones etc. and can control the exhaust flow and pressure with very high accuracy.


  • All system components are built to work together seamlessly. 
  • Flexible, one-stop design eliminates guesswork
  • Guaranteed fit for all parts & components simplifies design
  • Seamless fittings & transitions make installation easy
  • Single point of responsibility saves time, hassle & cost
  • Highest-quality products means no inspection issues
  • Fit for any type of building, application or appliance
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VHX Economizer Double Row—two-stage flue gas economizer
Economizer - Double Row

A highly versatile and efficient double-row flue gas economizer that can help you conserve energy and save 10+% on fuel annually.

EBC 31 Modulating Pressure Controller—multi-use draft and pressure controller with integrated web server and remote access
Modulating Pressure Controller

A sophisticated multi-use draft and pressure controller with integrated webserver and remote access used with fans and dampers to monitor and maintain a constant pressure in commercial boiler and building applications.

HRC80 Economizer Controller—monitors inlet/outlet water and flue temperatures
Economizer Controller

A totally integrated heat recovery control system that monitors inlet and outlet water and flue gas temperatures to maintain the outlet water temperature you need, while maximizing heat waste recovery and efficiency.

PowerStack Chimney & Grease Duct System—conveys gases, particles, fumes, smoke, grease, and products of combustion
Chimney & Grease Duct System

PowerStack is a "Universal Venting System". It is a state-of-the-art, multi-application single or twin-walled exhaust product designed to convey gases, particles, fumes, smoke, grease and products of combustion.