Webinar invitation offering $25 for a free lunch or donation

ENERVEX Now Offers a Convenient Webinar Format 

In past years, ENERVEX has treated our engineers to lunch in the office while receiving hands-on training across a variety of topics. This year, we can’t do that. So the Lunch ‘n Learn is coming to you - LIVE!.

ENERVEX’s in-person Lunch ‘n Learns are well-received by some of the world’s top engineering firms. We have hosted more than 10,000 engineers over the past 15 years, empowering them with innovative venting concepts to introduce into their projects.

While we will miss shaking hands and pouring from our keg for the time being, we are excited to offer a virtual format that affords greater scheduling flexibility. Once you register, we will work to find a date/time that works best for you.


Why should you attend?

  • Learn: See how Mechanical Draft, Heat Recovery and other innovative techniques can be used to improve efficiency and safety in the mechanical room.
  • Earn: You will receive a PDH credit after attending the 1-hour webinar.
  • Lunch: Enjoy a FREE lunch on us ($25 AmEx gift card*.)*Only engineers that are eligible for CEU/PDH and pass the written test qualify for this offer.

How it Works

  1. Select one or more of the offered Webinar titles and a preferred date/time slot.
  2. Assign a meeting coordinator who will be ENERVEX's point of contact throughout the event.
  3. The meeting coordinator sends a list of participant names and emails to university@enervex.com.
  4. Each participant will receive an email containing an invitation and link to the webinar for the agreed upon date/time slot. The email will also contain information about the $25 gift card. You can use it to pay for lunch and support the local community and the many suffering restaurants – or you can use it to make a donation to a favorite cause. Or something else.
  5. The webinar is held via GoToWebinar, followed by a test. You MUST attend the full session and pass the test in order to get PDH credit and receive the $25 gift card.
  6. After the webinar, we will email an electronic “Accredible” PDH certificate to each qualifying participant.
  7. Meeting coordinator will receive the $25 gift cards which will be distributed to all qualifying participants.

Webinar Terms & Conditions

CEU credit eligibility:

  • Engineer must participate for the entirety of the presentation and complete the test for CEU credit

$25 gift card eligibility:

  • Engineer must participate for the entirety of the presentation and complete the test for CEU credit.
  • Engineer must be a specifying engineer who works directly with the following applications:

a. Hydronic and Steam system designs
b. Generator system designs
c. Kitchen exhaust designs
d. Multistory exhaust (kitchen, bath, and dryer) system designs
e. Process system (food/baking, brewing, chemical, petroleum, asphalt, concrete) designs

Webinars are offered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on a rotating schedule. For example:

Week 1: Monday – Heat Recovery, Wednesday – DCV, Friday – Boiler and Combustion Air.

Week 2: Monday – DCV, Wednesday - Boiler and Combustion Air, Friday – Heat Recovery Etc.

Custom timeframe webinars are available upon request however requires a 3-participant minimum and available $25 gift cards will be capped at 10 per engineering firm.

Webinar Selection

Follow these links to learn more about available webinars and their content:

Boiler Venting & Combustion Air Supply Systems

Demand-Controlled Ventilation

Heat Exchanger Design