Title: Heat Recovery Design

Duration 50 minutes plus 10 minutes Q&A – 1 CEU

Waste heat recovery isn’t just for industrial buildings anymore! Join us as we discuss how you can apply our heat recovery systems for commercial and multi-story residential buildings. The highly adaptable and efficient VHX flue gas economizer can reduce fuel requirements 10+% and pay for itself in less than two years. Its modular design allows you to connect individual circuits for use with single OR multiple boilers of atmospheric, fan-assisted, or forced-design draft, making the best solution for multiple different applications.

Join us to learn more about the product, where to use the recovered energy, and case studies.

  • Venting-On-Demand Approach & Applications
  • Design Objectives
  • Traditional Economizers
  • Vortex Heat Exchanger (VHX)
  • Heat Exchanger Efficiencies
  • Modulating Bypass Functionality
  • Common uses
  • Design and Engineering
Plume Abatement
  • Applying Psychrometric Chart
  • System Design
  • Applications
Case Studies
  • McGill University
  • Falls Pinnacle