Title: Demand Controlled Ventilation

Duration 50 minutes plus 10 minutes Q&A – 1 CEU

No two buildings have the same energy usage. So why have a constant air exhaust system that runs full speed 24/7? Instead, pay only for the times when appliances are in operation. A perfect solution for multi-story kitchens, bathrooms, and dryers, the ENERVEX Modulating Building Exhaust System responds quickly to demand changes, adjusting the fan speed and pressure, to save up to 86% in energy costs.

Join us to learn more about sizing variables, EC motors, IMC code requirements, applications, and case studies.

  • Venting-On-Demand Approach & Applications
  • Design Objectives
Multistory Venting of Fireplace Systems
  • System Design
  • UL Listing
Building Exhaust Systems
  • Methods for venting of residential and commercial types of clothes dryers
  • Methods for exhausting of residential kitchen and toilet
  • Code issues
Fan Energy Index (FEI)
  • What is FEI FEI vs FEG
  • How does FEI apply to new energy standards?
  • ASHRAE 90.1 Sizing and Selecting Fans based on FEI
Energy Savings Study
  • Potential savings and efficiency gains
  • Annual operating savings