USC Village

Los Angeles , CA

Opening in the Fall of 2017, the USC Village will be an all-inclusive living environment for over 2,500 undergraduates, combining student housing with retail, dining, recreational and educational facilities.

Students will live in several unique residential colleges, where they will reside alongside faculty members and be a part of a distinct community. It’s a setting that inspires and enables the convergence of living and learning, designed to enhance and enrich the residential experience for USC students.

Merging USC’s Italian Renaissance-style brick and stone Collegiate Gothic architecture, the Village will be an integral part of the University, combining a traditional look with state of the art accommodations.

The Project:

  • Two Cleaver-Brooks hot water boilers and two Cochran steam boilers
  • Very limited access to the outside except for a wall exposed to the pool area
  • Tight space limited the chimney to 18" OD, while the boilers had 12" and 14" outlets; no room for individual chimneys

ENERVEX Solution:

  • The system was designed around a common chimney solution using a single 16" chimney to serve all boilers
  • Two IPVB 500 were installed back-to-back for redundancy
  • The chimney was run up through a shaft terminating high above the pool area





Harley Ellis Devereaux


Harley Ellis Devereaux