USC Village
Los Angeles , CA

USC Village is an all-inclusive living environment for over 2,500 undergraduates, combining student housing with retail, dining, recreational and educational facilities.

Students live in several unique residences, where they reside alongside faculty members and are a part of a distinct community. It’s a setting that inspires and enables the convergence of living and learning, designed to enhance and enrich the residential experience for USC students.

Merging USC’s Italian Renaissance-style brick and stone Collegiate Gothic architecture, the Village is an integral part of the University, combining a traditional look with state of the art accommodations.

The Project:

  • Design exhaust systems for central laundry facilities situated on multiple floors in the Residence Hall buildings 
  • Design exhaust systems for the buildings' hundreds of kitchens hoods
  • Minimize required space while obtaining energy efficient operation with documented savings 

ENERVEX Solution:

  • 49 MBES modulating dryer exhaust systems serving the multi-floor central laundries' many clothes dryers to a total of 49 dryer exhaust ducts. Each dryer exhaust system serves 5-7 floors with a BESB Box Ventilator located on the roof. The systems modulate with the dryer use, resulting in significant savings. 
  • 108 MBESV modulating kitchen exhaust systems serving the buildings' many kitchen exhaust hoods connected to 108 common kitchen exhaust ducts. Each kitchen exhaust system is powered by an EFV Exhaust Fan with vertical discharge located on the roofs.
  • The MBES systems leverage diversity factors and statistics around how many dryers and kitchen hoods are likely to operate at any given time.

Contractor: LDI Mechanical

ENERVEX Representative: Ventenergy