Champion Cleaners
Jebel Ali

Champion Cleaners offers dry cleaning and laundry services to expat and local populations of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The company has an expansive retail network of strategically located outlets in community malls and convenience stops across the UAE.

All the cleaning operations are executed in brand new central plant located in Jebel Ali. Dirty and clean garments are transferred between the central plant and the 42 retail outlets.

The Project:

  • There was two Cochran steam boilers on the job.
  • Very tight boiler room with limited access to the outside.
  • Inadequate space to run individual chimneys for each boiler
  • Limited access to an outside wall where the chimney could be erected.

ENERVEX Solution:

  • The system was designed around a common chimney solution using a single 16" chimney to serve both boilers.
  • Unconventional inside chimney layout to accommodate a single common chimney for both boilers.
  • IPVB 500 inline power venter installed just prior to exciting sidewall.
  • Modulating fan control to assure proper draft under all operating conditions.
  • A single chimney run up alongside the building with termination right above parapet.