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Air Supply Fan

Sometimes practical or aesthetical reasons make it impossible to use louvers to supply combustion air to a mechanical room or laundry facility. In these cases, an ENERVEX SFTA Air Supply Fan can be installed inline to ensure a constant supply of air.

Need to further optimize performance? Add an ENERVEX EBC 31 Modulating Pressure Control to control the fan speed. This constantly keeps a slightly negative or neutral room pressure - no matter the load.


  • Capacities up to 30,000 CFM (51,000 m3/h)
  • Coated steel housing & aluminum propeller
  • Axial vane / propeller 
  • Variable-speed motor, TEFC, Class A
  • Optional: Electrically commutated motor for optimal performance and efficiency 
  • Low operating costs
  • Complete fan and control package available from a single manufacturer Low operating costs


Capacities 0-30,000 CFM (450-51,100 m3/h)
Material Stainless Steel 316L Housing and Aluminum Axial Vane
Drive Axial Vane
Motor Induction Motor, TEFC, Class A (EC-motor optional)
Max. Temp 175°F (80°C)
Warranty 2-Year Factory Warranty
Listings UL 705 Standard for Power Ventilators
SFTA Air Supply Fan—tube-axial duct fan used to supply combustion air or make-up air into mechanical rooms
MSC EDrive Motor Controller—controls the speed of fans and ventilators
MSC Motor Controller

A full featured, industrial-type motor controller programmed specifically to control and adjust the speed of ENERVEX fans and ventilators using Electronically Commutated (EC) Motors or Induction Motors. 

EBC 31 Modulating Pressure Controller—multi-use draft and pressure controller with integrated web server and remote access
Modulating Pressure Controller

A sophisticated multi-use draft and pressure controller with integrated webserver and remote access used with fans and dampers to monitor and maintain a constant pressure in commercial boiler and building applications.