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Multi-story Fireplace Exhaust System
Perfect Flame.

The perfect fire in a gas-fired fireplace features a flame that’s just the right size – not too high or too low. To achieve the perfect fire, you need the perfect draft. Not an impossible task for a single fireplace but what if you have dozens, like in an apartment building?

That's why we have developed the Multistory Fireplace Exhaust System (MFES). With this innovative technology, a single exhaust system can vent multiple gas-fired fireplaces in a multistory building. This means that up to 25 fireplaces can achieve the optimal draft– regardless of how many fires are burning at the same time.

  • Vent multiple fireplaces with a single chimney
  • Optional sub-duct design for added fire safety
  • Integrated safety system for safe operation.
  • Extremely low noise level
  • Easy central programming of essential functions. 
  • High-temperature Mechanical Draft System for added longevity 
  • Complete system listed to UL378, Standard for Draft Equipment and CSA3-B255-M81 for Mechanical Flue Gas Exhausters.
  • Maintenance free and service-friendly design.
  • Saves cost - a single chimney versus a lot small ones
  • The design accommodates the building - not the other way around
  • Convenience - the users can operate their fireplaces by the flick of a switch.
  • Extremely low noise level
  • Individual interlocks for fireplaces
  • Energy savings as dampers prevent conditioned air to escape
  • Enhances the building aesthetics by reducing the number of chimneys
  • Maintenance free and service-friendly design

The MFES system consists of an RSV Chimney Fan and an EBC 24 Constant Pressure Controller with an XTP Pressure Transducer. In addition each fireplace connector is fitted with a motorized ON/OFF damper and a spill switch is mounted at the top of the fireplace opening.

The EBC 24 control modulates the speed of the RSV Chimney Fan based on the demands of the fireplaces to maintain the set-point during normal operation. The MFES ensures the set-point is reached within 30 seconds of system start-up and is maintained with a tolerance of 0.01” W.C.

When a fireplace is turned on, the damper automatically opens and flow through the fireplace will be initiated and the fan speed will increase to satisfy the draft set-point. When the user turns off the fireplace, the damper will stay open for a short periode of time to assure all flue gases have been evacuated.

During fireplace starts and stops, the fan speed will modulate and the ramp-up and ramp-down time of the fan will be no more than 20 seconds. In the case of a mechanical or electrical failure, the control goes into alarm and sets the chimney fan to run at 100% speed. If connected, the alarm signal will be sent to the Building Management System.

MFES Multi-story Fireplace Exhaust System with chimney fan, modulating pressure controller, automatic damper, and duct system
RSV Chimney Fan – mechanical draft fan used to vent boilers and water heaters
Chimney Fan

High-temperature mechanical draft fan designed for termination mounting. For vertical or horizontal installation. Used with condensing or non-condensing heating appliances.

EBC 31 Modulating Pressure Controller—multi-use draft and pressure controller with integrated web server and remote access
Modulating Pressure Controller

A sophisticated multi-use draft and pressure controller with integrated webserver and remote access used with fans and dampers to monitor and maintain a constant pressure in commercial boiler and building applications.

ADF Automatic Damper - Flanged—closes the appliance connector when the appliance is shut off
Automatic Damper - Flanged

The Automatic Damper serves as a vent damper that closes the appliance connector, when the appliance is shut off. For chimneys with 1/2" flanged connections.

PowerStack Chimney & Grease Duct System—conveys gases, particles, fumes, smoke, grease, and products of combustion
Chimney & Grease Duct System

PowerStack is a "Universal Venting System". It is a state-of-the-art, multi-application single or twin-walled exhaust product designed to convey gases, particles, fumes, smoke, grease and products of combustion.