University of Southern CA
Los Angeles , CA

A gorgeous vertical-flame custom fireplace is the new focal point for the Ronald Tutor Campus Center at The University of Southern California (USC). Tudor-Saliba Corp. (GC) and A.C. Martin (architect) invited ENERVEX rep Richard Freet of Ventenergy to develop the custom fireplace design and provide trade coordination details to support construction.

The Challenge:

  • Large, highly visible space required both efficiency and aesthetic beauty
  • Need for safe, reliable draft control and combustion air supply
  • Risk and difficulty getting the City's certification after fireplace was constructed

ENERVEX Solution:

  • UL Listed chimney products and NFPA 86-compliant flame supervision safeguards
  • RSIB400 inline draft inducer
  • EBC30 modulating fan controller
  • BESF160 box ventilator

“The commissioning process went relatively smoothly since the design allowed for tweaking the gas and air supplies to manipulate the flame patterns on individual lances. The handcrafted notching of the fireplace bricks hides the burner hardware from view at the fireplace opening, while the forced over-fire air supply allows operators to tweak gas and air supply introduction to maintain beautiful yellow flame patterns."

- Richard Freet, Ventenergy Manager Orange County, CA 





A.C. Martin