The Platinum
New York , NY

When entering the lobby of the Platinum—a sparkling glass-and-steel popsicle of a condominium that rises 43 stories above Manhattan—twenty-six feet of roaring flames will be meeting you. Orange embers dance behind a blue-hued sheet of glass.

The Project:

The fireplace’s chimney system was designed with assistance from Chimney Design Solutions - ENERVEX's affiliate in New York City.

ENERVEX Solution:

Three EXHAUSTO RSIB350 Power Venters provide the proper draft to assure the astonishing effects of the dancing flames while three BESF180 Box Ventilators supply combustion air for the 1000MBH burner. In addition to the demand-controlled mechanical draft system for the fireplace, there are also demand-controlled systems for the heating appliances. A CASI 500 with Modulating Over-draft Damper System (MODS) serves the two heating boilers and four domestic water heaters while an MCAS18 provides combustion and ventilation air for the mechanical room.

Furthermore, a CASV250 also provides the proper operating pressure throughout the firing cycle for the High Zone Domestic Water Heater's in the penthouse mechanical room.

Credit: Chimney Design Solutions, New York, NY





Costas Kondylis and Partners LLP, New York, NY


Cosentini Associates, New York, NY