Old Parkland Dallas
Dallas , TX

Earthcore/Isokern Fireplaces along with architects Good Fulton & Farrell engaged ENERVEX to put together a draft control system that incorporated Multi-Story Fireplace Exhaust solutions for multiple fireplaces, common vented throughout multiple floors.

These multi-story fireplace systems include chimney fans, modulating controllers, pressure sensors to monitor and prompt the fan controls, and dampers for the connector of each multi-story fireplace. The architect was able to avoid multiple flues and penetrations while allowing building tenants to use their fireplaces in their own spaces independent of the other systems. In addition to delivering effortless draft control any time of day, the solution saves on materials and operating costs while making life more pleasant for occupants.

The Challenges:

  • Proper draft & controls for eight multi-story fireplaces
  • Total renovation of a large and 114-year-old space

ENERVEX Solution:

  • Two Multi-story Fireplace Exhaust Systems (MFES) for venting of multiple fireplaces
  • One RSV400 chimney fan one RSV450 chimney fan
  • Two Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
  • Two EBC30 Modulating Controllers
  • XPT Pressure Sensors
  • ADF Automatic Dampers for each fireplace





Good Fulton & Farrell