Oak Lounge Project
, NJ

The design team for this project reached out to CF + D to develop a unique and one-of-a-kind wood burning fire feature for a large barn being converted to a lounge.

The Challenge

The challenges were many since this building was approx. 40ft tall and this unit was to be suspended from the roof and open for viewing the fire from all 4 sides of the space. Needless to say, this was a TALL order!

The Solution

Under the direction of head engineer Vince Volpe and Senior Industrial Designer Scott Duyn, the team developed a suspended wood burning fireplace hanging from above with a 4 sided electronically controlled guillotine glass system which slide up and into the decorative hood above for a clean and unobstructed view of the fire contained within the floor mounted hearth table. To add to this unique feature an electronic ignition log lighter developed and certified by CF + D was added for ease of startup regardless of moisture content in the wood supply.

Now to add to the drama a 4 sided electronically controlled decorative fire screen was also included to allow guests to feel the warmth while enjoying a beautiful aesthetic of fire and decorative screen for safety while able to hear the snap and popping of the wood fire. To complete this project a premium ENERVEX RSHT-016 power exhaust system was also installed to ensure no backdrafts would be experienced along with guaranteed evacuation of all products of combustion.

Another successful project completed in partnership with the expertise and professionalism of ENERVEX and the FTI New Jersey Team!





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CF + D custom fireplace design inc. (Vince Volpe)


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