Newark Housing Authority
Newark , NJ

The Housing Authority of the City of Newark (NHA) had a complex system with outdated centralized boilers and significant energy loss. Constellation Energy and ENERVEX engaged with UEP and Miller & Chitty to complete a waste heat recovery project estimated to save $35,621 annually with no upfront capital expense and immediate payback. NHA will save an estimated 607,926 BTUs per hour while improving pressure control, eliminating problems with overheating, improve comfort for occupants, and create significant environmental savings.

The Challenges:

  • Multiple leaks in steam piping distribution system
  • A non-operational condensate recovery system
  • Extensive underground distribution piping to remote buildings
  • Inability to control central heating system caused heat wave & extreme hot water temperatures

ENERVEX Solution:

  • High-efficiency VHX Single Row Economizer & heat recovery solution
  • Fast, reliable engineering support for the entire system
  • Zone control valves, outdoor air temperature sensors, indoor rate thermostats
  • Re-use of exhaust water for domestic purposes
  • Reduced energy consumption and indirectly lowered emissions





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