Modern Home with Gorgeous Fireplaces
Ross , CA

Two twin gas fireplaces added to the contemporary open floor plan of this gorgeous multi-million dollar home in Ross, CA. Being able to solve problems for the customers and find the perfect fire solution for their space is every Fireplace Advisor’s goal. This often requires the involvement of ENERVEX because our mechanical draft systems often "make the impossible possible".

Fireplace Discovery

Acucraft had the opportunity to work with a group of developers on more than one occasion. In this instance, Lowell Strauss (Amalfi West) came to Acucraft in summer 2016 looking for 2 custom gas fireplaces for a new project they were breaking ground on. “Looking forward to working with you again on this exciting project!” –Lowell Strauss Working one-on-one with Lowell, his architect David Kotzebue, and their residential builder Jeff Reuvekamp (Reuvekamp Residential Builders Inc.) Acucraft was able to find the perfect twin fireplaces for this new construction home. 

Fireplace Design

Acucraft was able to design two identical fireplaces for the project keeping within the tight constraints the project had and maintaining the quality, safety & performance of the fireplaces. The interior fireplace was sealed with glass while the exterior fireplace was completely open. Both fireplaces boasted the tallest flames on the market and added the perfect focal point to this already beautiful home.

This was in part made possible by using ENERVEX Chimney Fans and Draft Controls to control the exhaust.

Check out the video showing this beautiful house.