Laney College Central Utility Plant
Oakland , CA

Laney College is a public community college in Oakland, California. It is the largest of the four colleges of the Peralta Community College District which serves northern Alameda County.

This Central Utility Plant is in an early phase of an entire campus rebuild. Our involvement in the project included design and supply of a new chimney systems for the replacement boilers located in the existing Central Plant in Building E.


The college desperately needed to get the boiler plant up and running so they could bring heat to the campus loop and complete testing across multiple buildings. The four (4) Camus Dynaflame 6004 heaters were built on a skid and lowered into place.

It wasn't until all the boilers were in place that the contractor reached out to ENERVEX NorCal for support. At that time, the timeline was already extremely tight. To make matters worse, the four 6 Million Btuh boilers had already been piped which added obstructions to the installation of a chimney system. The final challenge was that they expected a completed installation within A FEW WEEKS!


From previous jobs, the contractor had great comfort with ENERVEX NorCal being a reliable resource. ENERVEX NorCal responded immediately and quickly performed field layout measurement and verification. ENERVEX committed to fast track production and to meet a 4 week delivery window (to the job-site).

ENERVEX's equipment delivery included a 22" EPSA common vertical chimney and horizontal manifold. A TDF 620 Inline Power Venter was installed horizontally under an overhang just prior to the chimney turning vertical. Each heater was connected to the manifold with a 12" EPSA chimney and an integrated SMDS. Eccentric increasers were used to allow for clearance of the condensate traps, while the SMDS were installed to prevent over drafting and to prevent back drafting on boilers that are not firing.


The contractor received all the material as promised within their stated deadline. They worked overtime through the weekend and the following week ENERVEX NorCal provided commissioning of the fan and dampers - all done within 6 days of the delivery!

The modulating SMDS draft dampers provide an accurate draft for each heater, while the modulating EBC31 draft controller assures precise fan operation while preventing over-draft situations to occur.

Containing the footprint of the venting outside of the building was a major plus. The building that houses the CUP is 40' tall and running multiple smaller vents up the side of the building was not desirable. The ENERVEX solution provided a very consolidated and nice look to the exterior of the building.





Frank M. Booth


Frank M. Booth