Dr. Robert L. Yeager Health Center at Rockland County
Pomona , NY

Rockland County, New York decided to modernize their old boiler plant consisting of three monster boilers exhausting into a large, old masonry chimney. At the onset, the goal was to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions while ensuring the smooth operation of the campus’ heating system.

The Challenges

The County’s design team decided to replace the three old hot water boilers with nine new Riello RTC 3800-80 high-efficiency condensing boilers. The ambitious project presented several challenges. One of the main challenges encountered during the design was the limited space available in the boiler room. Installing nine new boilers would take up a significant amount of space and running nine liners through the old masonry chimney was deemed impractical.

ENERVEX Solution

The solution came from ENERVEX's local representative, Chimney Design Solutions® (CDS).

  • Design three vent systems each with three condensing boilers in a compact layout maximizing the limited space.
  • For the three vent systems, each boiler connected to its respective double-wall 28”ID EPS1 Powerstack breeching via a 14”ID EPS1 Powerstack connector. EPS1 was selected since its 1” fiber insulation maximized the balance between cost, safety (skin temperature), and temperature loss. In addition, Powerstack’s graphite seals are more robust than traditional silicone seals.
  • At the existing masonry chimney, each 28”ID breeching transitioned to a single-wall 28"ID EPS Powerstack liner which extended through the chimney to the termination. Due to ENERVEX’s comprehensive installation guidance, the liner’s installation was a trouble-free experience..

CDS's expertise in designing complex exhaust systems played a crucial role in the successful outcome of the project. The entire project, from start to finish, took approximately five months, with ENERVEX® handling the final commissioning.


In summary, the replacement of the outdated boilers with high-efficiency condensing models, coupled with the utilization of Powerstack’s distinctive materials and optimal design, enabled Rockland County to achieve significant reductions in both energy consumption and CO2 emissions..

ENERVEX Representative: Chimney Design Solutions, Fair Lawn, NJ





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