Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
King of Prussia , PA

Founded in 1855, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) was the first pediatric hospital in the nation. For the first time an additional Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) was planned. The new facility in King of Prussia and its 24/7 Emergency Department will give more families easier access to CHOP’s best-in-class pediatric specialists. The hospital will be connected to CHOP’s existing Specialty and Urgent Care Center.

ENERVEX representative CENTERGY (formerly UEP Northeast) was highly involved in the design phase from the very beginning. Through their relationship with the project's mechanical engineer, Ballinger, they assisted in the design of many aspects of the hospital.


The building's heat was to be supplied by (3) Fulton Vantage 6000 MBH dual fuel condensing boilers utilizing a single venting system. The steam needs, including humidification and sterilization steam, were to be supplied by (3) Fulton VMP 150 HP boilers in a single venting system. Due to limited space on the mechanical floor, both systems were required to be common vented with a reduced chimney diameter.


Two separate Enervex N+1 Systems, one for the steam plant and the other for the hydronic plant. Each system utilizing an CASV-400x4 with ADF shutoff dampers on the plenum to isolate should a fan/VFD fail. Should that happen the remaining 3 RSV-400's can carry the full load of the steam/hydronic plant.

With little vertical height from mechanical room to roof, the only way to properly vent these appliances was with a large mechanical draft system. The N+1 fan was utilized as this is a high profile health care/hospital system in the PA area.







A.T. Chadwick Co., Inc.