Cedar's at Mt. San Antonio Gardens
Pomona , CA

The Cedar's at Mt. San Antonio Gardens in Pomona, CA is a new three-story building offering 53 beautifully designed apartment homes which represents the finest in up-to-date retirement living.


The owners were concerned about having a large number of roof penetrations for individual exhaust ducts for 31 appliances. The idea of having exhaust fans running at full speed 24/7 was also a concern due to the excessive energy consumption and possible noise. It was estimated that the systems can reduce the exhaust rate of conditioned air by up to 60-70%.


Through some engineering, ENERVEX assisted in incorporating 31 ultra-efficient ENERVEX Modulating Building Exhaust System™ (MBESx) systems to serve kitchen hoods, bathrooms and clothes dryers. Rather than having a large number of individual exhaust ducts for each appliance, the MBESx allows ganging together exhaust from multiple appliances into a single ducts. The MBESx system senses when appliances are running and modulates with the load. It assures proper exhaust rates at any time no matter the demand.

The great savings were contributed by the BEFx fans - with an ultra-efficient, high-efficiency housing design combined with an IE5 highly-efficient EC-motor - and one of only a few variable-speed AMCA FEI certified centrifugal fans on the market. The rest of the savings were generated by the modulating exhaust rates preventing excessive exhaust of conditioned air.





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