Americana At Brand
Glendale , CA

Caruso Affiliated (developer) has been at the forefront of commercial retail development that combines quality retail, community focus and exquisite architectural design. In May of 2008, Caruso launched its most ambitious project to date, Americana at Brand in Glendale, CA, which spans 15.5 acres over four city blocks and features upscale shopping, rich landscaping, outdoor seating, fountains, plazas and promenades. Although it’s primarily private property, Americana at Brand has a two-acre park in the center of the complex that is open to the public. The architecture reflects several different design styles, including Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Mediterranean and Classical.

The Challenges:

  • Ensure optimal energy efficiency without compromising space or architectural design of buildings
  • Large number of kitchens, bathrooms and clothes dryers
  • Needed flexible and powerful venting system to fit building design and manage exhaust efficiently

ENERVEX Solution:

  • More than 160 MBES Demand-Controlled Ventilation systems to connect multiple dryers, kitchen hoods and bathroom fans to single exhaust ducts.
  • Reduced shaft space to maintain aesthetics of the industrial-era building design
  • 24-hour modulating operation reduces the intro of makeup air and adjusts exhaust rate to meet current demands
  • Efficient operation throughout the day and evening, requiring less conditioning of the air
  • 80% reduction in fan energy consumption
  • 60% reduction in heating and cooling losses from over-ventilation
  • Downsized ducts and shafts to save space valued at approximately $250,000
  • Added comfort by dramatically reducing noise level





Harley Ellis Devereaux


Harley Ellis Devereaux