3310 W. Main St. in Houston
Houston , TX

Houston's new 37,031 sq. ft. mixed-use commercial center for office and event space, located at 3310 W. Main St., implemented a high-quality commercial chimney system and fan solution. White Construction, Curtis and Windham, Windfohr Design, and Earthcore spun up fireplace design  that would common vent three chimneys into one flue.

The Challenges:

  • Common venting 35ft ¾" of linear fireplace
  • Dfficult horizontal runs & tight space
  • Limited availability of the EPS pipe
  • Tight project schedule

ENERVEX Solution:

  • Powerstack EPS-1 chimney and grease duct system with two 18" diameter pipes & one 22" in the center (combined 22")
  • Redesigned the 90° Tees and elbows with a system using 45° Lateral Tees and elbows
  • Two RS16 high-temperature chimney fans
  • Isokern® 72" x 38" custom fireboxes and gas logs
  • Imported Belgium Firebrick
  • Custom-made plenum box mounted at chimney termination supports an unlimited number of RS chimney fans
  • Compact design barely visible from ground level





Curtis and Windham; Windfohr Design


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