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Roof-Top Heat Exchanger System

Recapturing waste heat to save energy is a complicated process that can lead to processing downtime. Heat exchanger downtime due to breakdowns, service or maintenance can be expensive due to lost revenue. Energy savings can pale in comparison to lost profits. What was meant to be an environmentally responsible solution can turn into a financial nightmare.


The ENERVEX RHX Heat Exchanger System is a cutting-edge, turnkey solution for capturing and recycling excess heat from most processes, turning it into valuable energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions. It eliminates all the concerns about downtime and provides real savings.

  • Production downtime can be less than 30 min during a roof-top installation!
  • The RHX is a turnkey solution with integrated heat exchangers, plumbing, circulation pump, dampers, mechanical exhaust and controls. All that’s needed are utilities - supply and return pipes and power
  • Quick and straightforward installation – cut the chimney back and place the RHX on top
  • An integrated damper can bypass the heat exchanger and allow free-flow exhaust during service & maintenance.
  • The RHX will never cause process downtime


The RHX is a skid-mounted turnkey heat recovery unit with unique features and designed to fit individual needs.

RHX heat-exchanger

Removeable Heat Modules - Full access to heat exchangers makes service & cleaning easy.


Integrated By-Pass - By-pass dampers redirect the exhaust flow so service & maintenance can be performed. NO DOWNTIME during servicing.

RHX accessability

Access Panels - Removable access panels make servicing a breeze.


Turnkey - The unit is pre-piped with circulation pump, valves, dampers and controls. Just connect utilities (two water pipes and electrical power!)


  • Stainless steel housing with removable service panels for easy access.
  • Skid-mounted for roof installation (forklift ready)
  • Integrated, removable heat modules for easy servicing
  • Single-Point utility connections (water and power)
  • Circulation pump and safety valves
  • Integrated bypass to prevent overheating and eliminate down-time during service & maintenance.
  • Control panel for easy programming