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Plenum Box

The PLX Plenum Box used to provide support for the installation of multiple RSV chimney fans. It can be designed to accommodate almost any number of fans.

The Plenum Box is designed for mounting at the chimney termination point and where roof support (or other appropriate support) is available. The PLX can be customized with ADF Automatic Dampers dampers mounted at the fan installation point. The dampers can serve as backdraft dampers and prevent a fan from pulling air through another fan.


  • Stainless Steel 316L
  • Pre-formed fan attachments
  • Can be designed for any virtually any number of fans
  • Made to fit any chimney shape or diameter
  • Optional Backdraft dampers available 


Material Stainless Steel 316L
Warranty 2-year Factory Warranty
PLX Plenum Box—provides support for the installation of multiple RSV chimney fans
RSV Chimney Fan – mechanical draft fan used to vent boilers and water heaters
Chimney Fan

High-temperature mechanical draft fan designed for termination mounting. For vertical or horizontal installation. Used with condensing or non-condensing heating appliances.