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Economizer Controller

The HRC80 is designed to work with ENERVEX VHX Heat Recovery system. It monitors inlet and outlet water and flue temperatures and limits the maximum water outlet temp to a desired level while maximizing heat recovery and efficiency. This controller can be used in conjunction with most ENERVEX draft controls.

Its integrated bypass damper features full modulating capabilities, delivering tighter control and added safety. By monitoring inlet and outlet flue temperatures constantly, the damper can respond dynamically to changes in stack pressure and water temperature on the fly.

The HRC80 features a series of set-points, giving you maximum flexibility. Simply set your maximum allowable water temperature, and the bypass modulates opened or closed as the water temperature fluctuates around the set-point.


  • Panel-mounted, 132 x 64 pixel LCD graphic display used to interface, monitor and control all aspects of the application.
  • Can regulate a modulating water valve along with a set of water valves needed to achieve ideal water temperature and flow.
  • Dry contact inputs tell the system when there's a need for boiler feed water or to maintain a hot water tank or de-aerator.
  • Integrated damper modulating control

This controller can be used in conjunction with ENERVEX draft control systems such as the EBC30 and EBC31. It can also integrate with most ENERVEX fan models including RSV, TDF, and IPVB.


Power Supply 1x120VAC
Max Current 10 Amps
Operating Temperature 15 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)
Analog Inputs 5
Water Temp Sensors (2) NTC 32 to 302°F (0-150°C)
Flue Temp Sensors (2) PT1000 -58 to 662°F (-50 to 350°C)
Analog Output (2) 0-10 VDC Modulating
Digital Outputs (4) 250 VAC
Warranty 2-year Factory Warranty
Listing/Certification UL 508A Standard for Industrial Control Panels
CSA-22.2 No. 14 "Industrial Control Equipment"

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