We Control Draft, Not Hockey Fights

The Detroit Red Wings’ new sports and entertainment arena is impressive! Whether you’re a true hockey fan, or you just watch it for the fights, you’ll appreciate Little Caesars Arena – the new home of the Detroit Red Wings.

Much more than just hockey

Located in the ultra-hip, economy-pumping Detroit District, Little Caesars Arena plays an important role in the city’s movement to revitalize the downtown area and generate revenue for local businesses. The $864 million sports and entertainment complex will host some 150 to 200 events including concerts, family events and NCAA basketball in addition to hockey.

Exactly how cool is Little Caesars Arena?

See for yourself in this sneak peek:

Now for the really cool part...

Little Caesars Arena will have complete draft control and put wasted energy in the penalty box. ENERVEX’s integrated chimney system, commercial fans, dampers and controls provide perfect draft and uber-efficient operation for the Arena’s six Cleaver-Brooks condensing appliances, which common vent more than 150 ft. This translates to substantial cost and energy savings, aesthetic beauty and safe operation.

As for the hockey fights that will surely take place when the Red Wings hit the ice – well – there’s not much we can do to control those. But then again, would you want us to? It’s part of the game! In fact, I leave you with a little trivia challenge just for fun (no Googling, please):

  • How many fights broke out in the NHL over the last five years?
  • Which team has the most hockey fights on average?
  • Who holds the record for all-time most feared fighter?

Put your guesses in the Comments section of this post and we’ll email the answers to you.

If you would like stats on how much your facility can save with proper draft control, contact us. Or read this case study to learn more:

“Detroit District’s Little Caesars Arena”