New Product Brochures Available

Looking for info on mechanical draft products, chimney systems, or heat recovery solutions for your commercial exhaust application? We’ve just launched three new ENERVEX product brochures to simplify your search. Visit the links below to learn how our one-stop systems and components can benefit you:

mechanical-draft-systemsMechanical Draft Systems

Integrated mechanical draft fans, draft control dampers, and controllers engineered to fit together seamlessly. These demand-controlled systems deliver consistent savings, ease of installation and performance. Perfect for today’s demanding commercial exhaust challenges, including: inadequate or excessive draft, tall chimneys or challenging chimney designs, equipment operating problems, variable or seasonal demands, code problems and much more.

powerstack-chimney-systemPowerStack Chimney and Grease Duct System

ENERVEX has reinvented the way you design and install chimney systems. This ‘one-type-fits-all’ prefabricated stainless-steel chimney exhaust system is designed to convey gases, particles, fumes, smoke, grease and products of combustion from a wide range of equipment. And it’s the only chimney that allows you to mix appliance categories in a single system – a chimney and grease duct system designed to protect the future!

vhx-heat-recoveryVHX Economizer and Heat Recovery Solutions

Waste heat in the form of dollar signs is escaping from most boiler systems into the atmosphere, for no reason at all. In applications where you have generators, boilers and water heaters, process ovens, tunnel ovens, or tray washers, ENERVEX’s highly versatile and efficient VHX flue gas economizer captures this heat and returns it for useful energy – cutting annual fuel requirements by 10+% . Install the VHX for any boiler type (vertical or horizontal; condensing or non-condensing) and see payback in less than two years.