Fans of Our Fans and Chimney Systems at HPBE

Yep, we’re in Atlanta. And yep, we’re in the business of residential fans and chimney systems. So of course we were at the HPBExpo 2017, which happened right in our own backyard last month.

It was great to see so many of our residential engineers and distributors popping by to say hi. Little did they know, this time we had a video camera. [Otherwise, they would’ve skipped our aisle, like I did with that guy who kept asking to give everyone a shoulder massage!]

At any rate, special thanks to these guys for chatting with us:

  • Jake Hornsby of Mason-Lite, which specializes in masonry fireplace kits and pre-fabricated fireplaces for the home
  • John Pladson, owner of Alpine Stove and Fireplace, a provider of custom, high-efficiency industrial and residential stove and fireplace products
  • Don Pierce of Associated Energy Systems, a B2B wholesale distributor of home energy systems and outdoor products

Check out these videos to learn what their companies do and how our fans and chimney systems work seamlessly together to provide the best experience in high-efficiency stoves and fireplaces for the home:

Jake tells a story about how they used an ENERVEX chimney fan to help a homeowner out of a costly and difficult situation.

John discusses his 22 years with ENERVEX and the long-term payoff of high-quality venting products combined with immediate tech support.

Don explains how ENERVEX’s integrated dampers, fans and fan controls have helped grow sales while making life easier for his engineers and customers.

Smoke or other chimney problems? We’re NOT a fan, either.

If you or your customers have experienced similar problems with a chimney smoking, leaking flue gases or other chimney venting problem, give us a call: 800.255.2923. We can help you figure out why there is smoke, eliminate dangerous and stinky flue gas problems, and put the best chimney fan products in place to protect your investment.