DOE Establishes Rebate Program for Replacement Fans

As part of President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on Aug. 3 announced $20 million to support the installation of energy-efficient distribution transformers and “extended product systems” (EPS), motor-driven products sold with motors and drives, such as pumps, air compressors, and fans.

The rebate program establishes a $10 million funding pool each for transformers and for EPS. For example, fans sold with a motor and a drive qualify as EPS and share the $10 million funding pool with pump and air-compressor EPS.

The program, which will last until the funds are exhausted, is administered by the DOE Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains, which is responsible for strengthening and securing manufacturing and energy supply chains needed to modernize the nation’s energy infrastructure and support a clean and equitable energy transition.

Qualifying companies include entities that purchased a qualified EPS or that redesigned commercial or industrial machinery or equipment to incorporate a qualified EPS during the eligibility window.

Replacement fans need to be larger than 1 hp and have minimum fan-energy-index (FEI) ratings that meet or exceed the levels in Table 1. In addition to meeting other qualification requirements described in the program information, documentation must show that an FEI rating was calculated according to ANSI/AMCA Standard 214-21, Test Procedure for Calculating Fan Energy Index (FEI) for Commercial and Industrial Fans and Blowers, and verified by a third party. Though not stated explicitly, AMCA’s Certified Ratings Program (CRP) qualifies as a third party.

Fan Type Minimum FEI Rating
Axial Inline 1.20
Centrifugal, housed 1.15
Centrifugal, unhoused 1.25
Centrifugal, inline 1.10
Axial Panel 1.25
Power roof ventilator, (PRV)(DOE) 1.10
Axial, PRV 1.10
Centrifugal, PRV, supply 1.10
Centrifugal, PRV, exhaust 1.10
Radial, housed 1.10

TABLE 1. Qualifying fan types and minimum FEI ratings.

While the program references ANSI/AMCA Standard 214-21 as the applicable test procedure, there may be confusion as to why the new DOE test procedure was not named by the DOE. The DOE informed AMCA staff that ANSI/AMCA Standard 214-21 is the applicable test procedure, so FEI-CRP participants that believe their products meet the program qualifications can assist their customers in applying for the rebates.

On a per-fan basis, the rebate amount is $25 times the rated fan horsepower, with an aggregate limit of $25,000 per applicant.

For more information about the program and to access the application portal, click here. Specific questions about the program can be directed to