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Building Exhaust System F
Clean Air. Quietly.

An extremely good option for retrofitting, the ENERVEX Modulating Building Exhaust System™ (MBES) is a demand-controlled ventilation system designed for multi-story buildings that have kitchen hoods, bathrooms or clothes dryers on multiple floors.

Rather than operating at full speed 24/7, the MBES senses when no appliances are running and kicks into a very low speed. Once the appliance starts, the internal appliance fan creates pressure inside the duct, causing the fan to speed up. Assures proper exhaust rates at any time no matter the demand. Can reduce the exhaust rate of conditioned air by up to 60-70%. In addition the BEF fan is equipped with a highly efficient EC-motor.

  • Automatically controls fan speed based on current demand
  • Costs less to operate than a fixed-speed CAV system
  • Extremely suitable for retrofitting
  • Discharges inline or on the roof, making it easier to clean architectural vents
  • Quiet performance eliminates constant fan noise & noise from speed variations
  • Ability to combine ducts & reduce duct sizes cuts material & labor costs
  • Variable speed, direct-drive fans eliminate broken belts
  • Costs 55% less to operate than a fixed-speed CAV system
  • Saves up to 85% of the cost of exhausted conditioned air
  • Unused air can save $500 per kitchen hood & $200 per bathroom annually

The MBES system consists of a BEF Exhaust Fan and an MEC 24 Constant Pressure Controller with an XTP Pressure Transducer. The system uses an EC-motor and an MSC EDrive Motor Speed Controller.

The MEC 24 control modulates the speed of the BEF ventilator based on the ventilation demands of the building to maintain the set-point during normal operation. The MBES ensures the set-point is reached within 30 seconds of system start-up and is maintained with a tolerance of 0.01” W.C.

When a number of clothes dryer, kitchen or bathroom exhausts are connected into a common duct, the MBES will modulate with the load. Once an appliance starts up, the pressure will change in the common duct and the MBES will react by increasing speed and vice versa.

During normal operation, ramp-up and ramp-down time of the fan will be no more than 20 seconds. In the case of a mechanical or electrical failure, the control goes into alarm and sets the ventilator to run at 100% speed. If connected, the alarm signal will be sent to the Building Management System.

Box Fans

Multi-use centrifugal exhaust fan designed for indoor and outdoor installation. Can be used for special exhaust or exhaust of lint-laden air. Also used to supply air.

Modulating Pressure Control (multi-story)

A modulating pressure control that provides superior pressure control in single- or multi-story building applications such as clothes dryers, bathrooms and kitchens.

MSC Motor Controller

A full featured, industrial-type motor controller programmed specifically to control and adjust the speed of ENERVEX fans and ventilators using Electronically Commutated (EC) Motors or Induction Motors.