ENERVEX Shows Energy-Saving Heat Recovery Solutions at ProcessExpo 2023

ENERVEX, a leading provider of energy-efficient air-movement solutions, is excited to announce its participation in ProcessExpo Chicago October 23-25, 2023, where it will showcase its cutting-edge exhaust and heat recovery solutions designed for the process industry.

"We are thrilled to showcase our state-of-the-art exhaust and heat recovery solutions at ProcessExpo in Chicago," said Kevin Jolivette, Director of Sales at ENERVEX Integrated Solutions. "Our products are designed to meet the unique needs of the processing industry, delivering significant energy savings and environmental benefits. We invite attendees to visit our booth 3501 and learn more about how ENERVEX can help optimize their exhaust systems."

ENERVEX offers a wide range of energy-saving exhaust solutions specifically designed for the processing industry. Their exhaust systems, including fans, heat recovery system, stack/duct, and controls, are engineered to optimize exhaust and air quality, while reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. ENERVEX's heat recovery systems efficiently capture and reuse waste heat, further enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability in processing operations.