ENERVEX Grand Prix Party 2018

Join us for a full day of education, food & drinks, and go-kart racing.

There will be ongoing activities including Go-Kart Racing, works shops, and factory tours. There's a full program of technical presentation with some qualifying for CEU. We are serving BBQ for lunch and serve beer tastings from Bluegrass Lakes Brewery in the afternoon. To top it all off you can win Falcon tickets and other prices.

Download Full Program Here.


Bringing Venting Design into the 21st Century

With over 30 years as the leader in the venting design industry, we will cover the methods and components for designing a high-performing, trouble-free venting system, that is specifically designed for modern heating appliances. (For Engineers)

The Venting Industry's "Dirty Little Secret": Leaking Chimneys.

It’s a fact that eventually most listed chimneys will start leaking not only condensation, but also dangerous flue gases. Learn why this is happening and how you can easily prevent it.

Venting Material Listings - A Serious Matter

Venting Systems are covered by numerous UL Standards and misapplications are common. This results in code violations, performance issues, and liability concerns. We will review the most common standards and how to properly apply them.

Check Your Specifications – Are They As Good As You Think?

Model specs are often provided by manufacturer’s reps as a way to lock out competition. We will discuss how to write specs for the venting systems you need so you can make the best decision for your customer.

No More Excuses: Using CFD Simulation to Improve Venting Design

“It won’t work,” “Draft problems,” “Too much turbulence,” and “Excessive restriction” are common explanations for poor performance without qualifying the real problem. The use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation upends this old-school thinking while raising the bar for performance. See how ENERVEX uses CFD Simulation to create Venting Systems that are guaranteed to work.

Harness The Saving Power of Flue Gas Economizers

Flue Gas Economizers aren’t just for cold climates. Even in the south, there are many applications where Economizers save energy and provide unprecedented short payback periods. We will explore some of the top applications and show how to implement a VHX Economizer to boost your ROI.